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IT Analyst Presentations: The Doomed Short-cut You Must Avoid

We all love short cuts … sneaky back roads to avoid traffic jams, ‘life hacks’ to speed up daily chores, and ingenious mobile apps that save us hours. But applying […]

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Five Most Common Mistakes in Analyst Briefing Decks

What makes the difference between a brilliant analyst presentation and a horror show? Ask any IT analyst why some vendors’ briefing decks leave them cold and you’ll probably hear the […]

Is it Worth Briefing IT Analysts? Is There Any Return?

Briefing IT analysts takes energy — which is in short supply when you’re busy working hard to help your company succeed. So is engagement really worth the effort? There are […]

Looking for a Game Changer at the Draft Review Stage?

10 valuable tips for altering outcomes at the 11th hour

We’ve all seen it happen — in the FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, or the US Open. Sports stars are headed […]

Get in synch with the Magic Quadrant cycle

Preparing for your analyst assessment is like preparing to win a new customer. When you’re approaching a sales prospect, you start by thinking about the company’s buying cycle, as it […]

Two Birds, One Stone, Fat Chance

How does your organisation handle its analyst relations? Do you rely on a public relations specialist or a PR agency? If so, you are not alone. And you’ll not be […]

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Raising Your Analyst Profile

As we often cite in our various articles and videos, survey after survey shows that analysts are influential in over half of all enterprise IT decisions. For most technology firms […]

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The Four Ps Are for Analysts Too

There’s one sad story I hear pretty much every week. It goes like this: “We meet the analysts regularly at events, brief them and feel we have a good relationship… […]

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Briefings That Have Impact Webinar

Our most common activity is helping clients to put together analyst briefings that get the analysts’ attention and lead to improved understanding of, and appreciation for, our clients’ products and […]

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