Online spokesperson training workshopIn 2020 the influence of analysts matters more than ever, with travel restricted and many of the usual methods buyers use to find and assess suppliers gone (e.g. conferences, exhibitions, seminars).

But are the analysts, like Gartner, supporters of your business? Do they write accurately about you? Do you get opportunities referred regularly, or do they appear to really favour your competitors?

If your company is not finding the business it should through the analyst channel, right now could be a key opportunity to change that.

To do this successfully, you need all your spokespeople to be as confident and surefooted in their dealings with the analysts as the competition are. Every one of them need to know what information analysts really need and how to persuade them, and to understand the critical differences between engaging with the analysts and talking to journalists or prospects. But this, of course, is not their day job.

It is ours, though. Analyst engagement is our speciality. We are the industry experts.

Our team of former senior Gartner analysts and executives has worked with 250 companies over ten years, helping them build and shape each firm’s story. The results we have achieved for them are remarkable, as evidenced by accelerated sales growth, direct recommendations by analysts and improved MQ positions.

In response to the current lockdown, we are now applying our years of insight and experience to offer online training workshops that are highly interactive and high-intensity, giving your key team members – executives, product managers, marketers and others – the skills and confidence to make the analyst channel work for you.

If you think your team could benefit from this unique training – online while working from home or in the office – you can find more details here.