Developing great advocates and references

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At their 2015 annual forum Gartner shared their view that “building an effective customer reference cultivation program” is vital for analyst engagement success. Analysts are looking for structured survey feedback and interviews with a select group of references accounts that you identify. At the same time they are looking to see what people are saying about you on crowd-sourced rating sites such as the Gartner Peer Insights, G2Crowd, IT Central Station as well as feedback posted to professional social media sites such as LinkedIn or Spiceworks.

A strong references and advocates program is the single most effective campaign you can have to create confidence in your company, products and services. In our Knowledge Bank you will find a series of FREE insight videos, webinars and articles that can help you build an effective program. Below are a few examples of what is on offer.


Choosing the References that Will Work for You: 3 Golden Tips

We all need credible third parties to talk on our behalf about the success and business value they have achieved [...]

The Secrets Behind a Great Magic Quadrant Reference


What would it say about your company and your products and services if the Magic Quadrant references you had nominated came out with comments that were unhelpful or even destructive?

Will crowdsourced peer reviews replace references with analysts?

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With many different crowdsourced peer reviews available, does that change what and how we should look at our references? Watch this video to understand more about crowdsourced reviews and their relationship to analysts' assessment of companies.

What’s our dot doing right down there?

Whether you like it or not, inclusion and coverage within a Gartner Magic Quadrant (or, to a lesser extent, a [...]
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