The structured methodology for better selling

Every business has its own problems, goals and vulnerabilities. If you can identify these anxieties and ambitions and match them closely to relevant solutions that offer direct, quantifiable benefits, even non-specialist salespeople can get you outstanding results.

MarketView is a new, structured methodology for analysing these specific needs and showing how your products and services align with them. Developed and refined by our team of former senior Gartner analysts, it ensures marketing and sales staff can focus precisely on the priority issues facing buyers and key influencers.

The MarketView framework lets you see the world from their perspective, so you can talk to customers in their own terms about what matters most to them.

MarketView helps you decide what case studies and evidence to use to show how your solution maps onto their needs. It even helps in the creation of powerful, relevant messages and infographics for better marketing, sales proposals and staff training.

What we can do for you:

  • Create a 360° MarketView that accurately aligns your solution with your buyer’s problems in a specific market segment, role or industry vertical
  • Help you formulate better solutions and configurations to meet real market requirements – and demonstrate their value to buyers
  • Develop a MarketView Jumpstart sales tool, flagging up the key influencers and the urgent concerns sales people should focus on to sell more effectively
  • Speed up training of new sales and support staff and help them recognise your offering’s key strengths and opportunities for a particular buyer
  • Provide support for relevant and persuasive proposals and sales conversations and help create powerful marketing messages, infographics and sales aids

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MarketView – the methodology that makes the connection with your buyers’ real needs

“The Skills Connection’s value was in ensuring that the messaging was delivered precisely to optimise the impact”

CMO, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company