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The secret to growth hacking using analysts like Gartner or Forrester (8am ET, 1pm UK, 3pm Israel)

According to Harvard Business School, 75% of VC-backed start-ups fail. Of those who do survive, 70% will end up being sold at little or no profit to the founders. It’s a highly competitive market with low chance of success. However, for firms targeting the enterprise market, there is a key growth hack which can make a startling difference.


How can you use Gartner and the other analyst firms to grow your sales pipeline? (11am ET, 4pm UK)

What Gartner and other analyst firms think about you matters… much more than you can ever imagine.This is because analysts have incredible reach, touching thousands of your prospects each year. Analysts inform your buyers throughout your sales cycle, advising them on what to do, who to do it with and even how much to pay.

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