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Are you “cool” and why does it matter? (11am ET, 4pm UK, September 25)

For a small vendor, to be cited by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” can be the start of huge success. The Cool Vendor program, in which Gartner seeks out innovative small vendors to appear in Cool Vendor Reports has in the past branded vendors such as Instagram and Dropbox as “cool”. Technology purchasers, investors and partners pay attention to Cool Vendors as they may be the next big thing, The Gartner press machine creates significant publicity for Cool Vendors, effectively enhancing the Cool Vendors’ own marketing.

Sep 23 2018 | 7:39am - 7:39am


How to Move Your Dot in an MQ or Wave Assessment (11am ET, 4pm UK, October 16)

Join our senior analysts, Simon Levin and Jonathan Yarmis, to learn how you can drive your business pipeline and brand awareness by ensuring your MQ and Wave assessment results truly reflect your market capabilities.

Sep 23 2018 | 7:39am - 7:39am

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