Be there when it matters

Why aren’t you winning the deals a great product or service deserves? Why aren’t you getting through to the final stage as often as you should?

RFIs and RFPs play a crucial role in the placing of major contracts. If you can’t prove your worth at the RFI stage and get shortlisted in the final three or four for the RFP, you simply won’t be in the running when the final decision is made.

So what’s going wrong? Nine times out of ten, it’s not your offering. It’s your story.

We can help you get that story right. Everyone in our team is a senior ex-Gartner analyst. We’ve spent our lives working at the interface between technology and its customers.

Our expertise lies in seeing things from the user’s perspective. That’s what a successful RFI/RFP response must do. We’ll ensure you respond to every question from the buyer’s point of view, make every point specifically relevant and provide strong examples and proofs. Our job is to help you inhabit the customer’s world, make the short list and get the deal.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide the guidance, disciplines and methodologies to save you time, money and effort, while ensuring a quality response
  • Help you express the key information correctly (including choosing the right case studies) to show direct relevance to this customer’s specific requirements
  • Help you with the four stages – structure, writing, editing and review – to create an RFI or RFP response that’s clear, authoritative and persuasive
  • Apply the rigour needed to produce tight, relevant text, 100% aligned to the customer’s needs
  • Provide the critical but constructive outsider’s view you need to avoid inconsistencies, repetition and groupthink in a complex response with many contributors

To find out more about our services and discuss how we can help you, contact us now.

When RFI/RFP responses fail, it’s usually the story – not the facts

“The Skills Connection has been a great partner for us and a firm that I would definitely recommend”

Strategy Director, Large Enterprise Professional Services Company