Move the dot in the right direction

Assessments such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave are one of the core pillars of the analyst world. A good position in these assessments will raise your profile in a competitive market place and can add significant value to your business in terms of business pipeline and brand equity.

With the stakes so high, you need to optimize your chances of success. The process can be lengthy, complex and intimidating, but as a team of former analysts we know what makes a good submission, and even a great one. With our support and first-hand knowledge of analyst assessments, we’ll guide you through the process while minimising the impact to business as usual.

We can help you to:

As part of our coaching and advisory services, we can help you to:

  • Identify the key information that can have an impact on where the dot is placed
  • Save time by focusing only on what you need to deliver, and nothing else
  • Work with you on every survey question response to ensure it’s the best it can be
  • Build the right, impactful story for your briefings and demos
  • Brief and prepare your customer references to tell a clear, concise story

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You can also visit our How to succeed at MQ or Wave assessments resource page to find out how to
avoid some common pitfalls during your analyst assessment.

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