The mirror that shows you the road ahead

You’ve won the deal. Or you’ve missed an opportunity. Either way, you need to know what really happened and why. Rigorous win/loss analysis helps you learn from experience, fine-tune processes, products and pricing and perform better next time.

Internal win/loss exercises simply don’t work. They run up against too many vested interests. Ask Sales why a deal was lost and you’ll be told the product was wrong, or the price. Ask Sales why a deal was won and it will always be credited to great selling skills.

‘Third party involvement can make a big difference,’ says Gartner, in its white paper on win/loss analysis. In practice, it’s essential. But no questionnaire can elicit the detailed, nuanced answers you need. It takes informed two-way conversations to get to the truth.

Our team is made up of ex-Gartner analysts, trained to ask the right questions, follow up intelligently and see the world from the client’s perspective. Our uniquely interactive, conversational approach stems from that background – and it’s changing the face of win/loss investigations.

What we can do for you:

  • Create an information-gathering structure built on internal stakeholder interviews and detailed conversations with decision-makers on the buyer’s side
  • Work with you to identify and contact a balanced sample of clients, including both supporters and detractors, for 30 to 40 minute telephone interviews
  • Use our analyst skills to develop open-ended conversations exploring key issues such as products, relationships, references and competitor actions
  • Document results, mapping gaps between internal and external perspectives, in a report with a clear focus on the actions that are needed
  • Discuss findings with sponsors and stakeholders, showing how the lessons learnt can be applied to replicate your successes and avoid future losses

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Interactive win/loss analysis uncovers the facts and reveals what needs to be done to improve your win rate

“A formal and rigorous win/loss analysis program enables better segmentation, product strategy choices and sales enablement . . . Those that take a more comprehensive approach have seen a 15% to 30% increase in revenue and up to 50% improvement in win rates”

Todd Berkowitz, Gartner