Standing Firm in the Two-Way Street

Who are these Gartner, Forrester and IDC analysts? Are they highly-trained, highly expert, all-knowing gurus? Are they all flawlessly well informed? Do they have some mythic, heroic power?

To hear many […]

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Raising Your Analyst Profile

As we often cite in our various articles and videos, survey after survey shows that analysts are influential in over half of all enterprise IT decisions. For most technology firms […]

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The Secrets Behind a Great Magic Quadrant Reference

What would it say about your company and your products and services if the Magic Quadrant references you had nominated came out with comments that were unhelpful or even destructive?

Supposing […]

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The Four Ps Are for Analysts Too

There’s one sad story I hear pretty much every week. It goes like this: “We meet the analysts regularly at events, brief them and feel we have a good relationship… […]

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Situation Critical (Capabilities)? Prepare for the Worst

It’s 2015, and Gartner is planning to publish more than 150 different Magic Quadrants this year, including 20 brand new assessments. Some of these will involve new regional coverage (four […]

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Can you get a great position in an MQ if you are not a Gartner client?

When considering whether to sign a contract with Gartner, most companies are perfectly well aware of the two hats that Gartner wears when engaging with them – and of the […]

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Briefings That Have Impact Webinar

Our most common activity is helping clients to put together analyst briefings that get the analysts’ attention and lead to improved understanding of, and appreciation for, our clients’ products and […]

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‘That Magic Quadrant is Plain Wrong’

What happens when a firm feels it simply cannot accept the Gartner opinion of its products and performance?
Sometimes, people get angry. The most extreme case, of course, was ZL Technologies […]

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More MQs, better MQs?

To most people these days, the name Gartner is immediately associated with one particular form of research – the Magic Quadrant, or MQ. That familiar two-by-two matrix has become synonymous […]

Déjà vu, all over again (again)

In all my many years as a Gartner analyst, I could put my hand on my heart and honestly swear that the Magic Quadrant assessment process was wholly impartial. Every […]

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