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Here is a little secret. Over two-thirds of companies, who are in MQ and Waves, do not see assessment definitions as being a match to where their business fits into the market! You are not alone.

However, as analysts influence as many as four out of five (source: Blanc & Otus) enterprise purchase decisions, missing out on this channel can only hurt you. That’s a fact.

Maybe you have tried briefing the analysts, but they just don’t seem to “get it”. Or perhaps it seems like they have some inherent bias against you. You may indeed feel that your only option is “to throw in the towel” and accept that it’s only your competitors who’ll get the benefit of leads from the analysts.  But our annual survey of 100+ providers confirms that it’s always better to be in an MQ, anywhere, than not. Essentially, it’s always easier to explain why you are in a certain position, once invited to the party, than to explain why you are excluded when you are not.

So “throwing your toys out the pram” is never an effective strategy. What is really needed is a different strategy. You need a different set of tactics. You need to plan a campaign, not a battle. This webinar will share how others have succeeded in precisely that.

We’ll explain:

  1. The various root causes for differences in market view between analyst and supplier
  2. The best approach to address your particular difference
  3. The proven method to change analyst perspectives and opinions
  4. The elements needed for a successful campaign

Join our senior analysts Simon Levin and Jonathan Edwards for our complimentary, 30-minute webinar and change the impact of the analyst community on your business for the better.

You can register here.


February 23
11:00 am - 11:30 am

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