2022 analyst engagement survey: How some companies make analysts an effective GTM channel (11am ET, 4pm UK)

Some firms get significant business via analysts (such as Gartner & Forrester), while many simply do not. Why is that? And where are you on the scale? Every 2 years, The Skills Connection conduct a study looking specifically at how technology providers’ engage with analysts, and what results they get back in terms of real business impact. In this webinar, we'll share our findings.

Analyst RFI Portals: The Gift That Keeps on Taking (11am ET, 4pm UK)

Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms are increasingly shifting their vendor data collection for assessments (like Magic Quadrants, MarketScapes and Waves)  from spreadsheets and other documentation to structured Web portals. Ostensibly meant to streamline and standardize the data collection process, the result is a major upheaval in your response process, the detail and perspective you can provide and ultimately the predictability of your Magic Quadrant, MarketScape or Wave position.

The secrets to changing the analyst’s mind (11am ET, 4pm UK)

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Vendors often complain that analysts come to a discussion with outcomes pre-determined and that nothing the vendor says or does will change the analyst’s mind. Are you really facing a Sisyphean task? We don’t think so. We’ve seen vendors achieve [...]

How to Move Your Dot in an MQ or Wave Assessment (12pm ET, 5pm UK)

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“Over half of win/loss interviewees cite the Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) as the reason for including us in their buying process”. This quote from one of our customers highlights the very high level of influence Gartner MQs and Forrester Waves [...]

Solving the puzzle of how to get great Magic Quadrant / Wave results in 6 easy steps (12pm ET, 5pm UK)

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Want to ensure you get the most out of structured assessments such as Gartner MQ and Forrester Wave? Our upcoming webinar will help! We'll provide 6 practical steps for success, including optimizing your RFI submission so that it effectively communicates all key facts. Plus, gain insight on how relationship between elements in the RFIs ties into assessment models - allowing you to capitalize every step of the way.

The 5 Vital Elements Needed to Brief IT Analysts (like Gartner) to Get Tangible Business Results (11am ET, 4pm UK)

Industry analysts influence 50-80% of all enterprise IT buying decisions, so meaningful engagement with them is critical to technology vendors of all sizes. When properly done, analyst briefings result in lead referrals and validation for your products and services. If you are not getting measurable results, or if you have not yet engaged the analysts in your sector, this 30-minute webinar will help you understand how to get real results from analyst briefings and engagement.

AR in the age of AI: how to flourish in the AI-powered future of analysts (11am ET, 4pm UK)

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No, not yet another webinar on ChatGPT. Quite the reverse as all the analyst firms are already investigating how the latest innovations in AI can be applied to their business and this will inevitably impact both vendor and end-user clients. After all, absorbing information, deriving insights and producing reports is as good a definition for an analyst as an AI.

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