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Industry analysts are the opinion formers, the reputation makers, your most influential recommenders and, of course, the ‘dot placers’.

Those organizations who are successful at consistently getting the best possible dot placement in assessments, such as Magic Quadrants and Waves, recognize that success comes from understanding much more than is simply written in any assessment RFI. They know that success comes from truly understanding what is driving the relevant analysts’ thinking and why they are asking what they are asking. As former senior analysts, and authors and reviewers of hundreds of assessments ourselves, we know these secrets to finding these answers only too well.

In this 20-minute webinar we will share the key aspects that you need to know and enable you to:
• Understand the analyst’s job; and more importantly, learn why you should care
• More effectively help the analyst recognize the true value your company brings to the market
• Uniquely engage each analyst, using best practices, based on what drives them.

As a team of former senior analysts, with over 70 years of experience at Gartner, we have written, reviewed and approved hundreds of such assessments. As advisors, in recent years, we have worked on over 100 different assessments for our clients. During that time, we have witnessed how improved assessment results have helped those businesses to achieve accelerated growth, significant new account wins and, in a half a dozen cases, acquisition.

Join our senior analysts, Jeff Comport and Joel Wecksell, to find out more and register here.


April 24
11:00 am - 11:30 am

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How can you use Gartner and the other analyst firms to grow your sales pipeline? (11am ET, 4pm UK)

What Gartner and other analyst firms think about you matters… much more than you can ever imagine.This is because analysts have incredible reach, touching thousands of your prospects each year. Analysts inform your buyers throughout your sales cycle, advising them on what to do, who to do it with and even how much to pay.

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