How to make references work for you

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The references you provide analyst firms for assessments and interviews are the most influential element you have in your analyst engagement. Picking the right references, nurturing them and preparing them effectively is what differentiates between references that help build your success and those who can sink you . As former senior analysts we understand the challenges you face.  So we have pulled together a set of high value resources to help set you on the path to success.

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Below is just a small sample of what’s on offer.


The Secrets Behind a Great Magic Quadrant Reference

What would it say about your company and your products and services if the Magic Quadrant references you had nominated [...]

Choosing the References that Will Work for You: 3 Golden Tips

We all need credible third parties to talk on our behalf about the success and business value they have achieved [...]

What is the relationship between advocates and references?

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Understanding the differences and relationship between references and advocates is key to the success of your analyst assessment.

What are the elements of a best practice advocates and references program?

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Do you have a references and advocacy program in place? This video explains the fundamental elements you need to be able to run a program.

What’s our dot doing right down there?

Whether you like it or not, inclusion and coverage within a Gartner Magic Quadrant (or, to a lesser extent, a [...]

Why are my reference results poor?

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If your client references aren’t as good you want — or expect them to be, what can you do? Watch this video to learn why reference results are often disappointing and what you need to do to change them.

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