Peer reviews and references

Peer Insights – Existential Threat or Great Opportunity? What Are The Proven Best Practices For Handling?

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In this webinar we look at the influence IT solution peer review portals like Gartner Peer Insights, G2 Crowd and IT Central Station have on your business and how to have an effective plan in place to maximise opportunities and manage risk.

Biggest Change in Gartner’s MQ, Ever! Are you Ready for It?

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In this webinar we review the implications, and required actions, resulting from the integration of Peer Insights reviews into Gartner's Magic Quadrants.

Planning for Strong Client Advocates and References

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In the webinar we discuss the relative roles of advocates and references, why these clients are becoming increasingly critical to your assessments (e.g. Magic Quadrant, Wave) results and how to best plan for success.

Choosing the reference that will work for you – 3 golden tips

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Choosing the right references for your analyst assessment is one of the keys to success. In this video we talk about the most important factors to consider when choosing your reference customers.

Will crowdsourced peer reviews replace references with analysts?

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With many different crowdsourced peer reviews available, does that change what and how we should look at our references? Watch this video to understand more about crowdsourced reviews and their relationship to analysts' assessment of companies.

What is the relationship between advocates and references?

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Understanding the differences and relationship between references and advocates is key to the success of your analyst assessment.

What are the elements of a best practice advocates and references program?

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Do you have a references and advocacy program in place? This video explains the fundamental elements you need to be able to run a program.

The Secrets Behind a Great Magic Quadrant Reference


What would it say about your company and your products and services if the Magic Quadrant references you had nominated came out with comments that were unhelpful or even destructive?

Choosing the References that Will Work for You: 3 Golden Tips

We all need credible third parties to talk on our behalf about the success and business value they have achieved using our products. A strong reference base of credible customers is a competitive advantage.

The Secret to Getting Clients to be Strong Advocates and References with Analysts

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In this webinar we look at the year-round issues associated with advocates and references for analyst engagement and set out the essence of the plan every technology company needs.

Getting Great Reference Results for Your Magic Quadrant Submission

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In this webinar we review the common issues experienced with getting the right results from references for assessments such as Magic Quadrants and Waves.

Why are my reference results poor?

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If your client references aren’t as good you want — or expect them to be, what can you do? Watch this video to learn why reference results are often disappointing and what you need to do to change them.