Win/loss reporting and analysis

Acknowledge successes, learn from failures

Win/loss analysis is a smart business tool for analyzing the entire buying cycle from a neutral perspective. It can help your company understand its true competitive strengths, weaknesses and potential by examining why deals were won or lost.

But win/loss programs often fail to deliver useful insight, and worse still, can end up as a finger pointing exercise. Sales people, customers and even prospects who didn’t buy, won’t tell you the whole story for fear of consequences.

The Skills Connection offers an independent professional win/loss program that applies our unique analysts skills and experience to deliver valuable insights across a number of critical areas, leading to continuous improvement and stronger business results.

Invaluable insight

Our proven five-step approach helps answer the critical questions:

  • How well do your sales teams and distributors perform in front of prospects?
  • What do your best prospects have in common?
  • What traps do your competitors set?
  • What do your best sales teams do to win more often?
  • What do your prospects value most (and least)?
  • What key buying criteria do your prospects believe in?

Our background as analysts — specialists in conducting external interviews and analyzing information — coupled with our deep market knowledge, makes The Skills Connection ideally placed to deliver high-value insight and to help you improve your win  ratio.

Customer case studies

Authentic stories your prospects want to hear

The ultimate test of any business is what it does for its customers. Whatever claims a company makes, it’s customer success that proves value.

That’s why we place so much importance on case studies, or customer success stories. They allow your prospects and the industry analysts to hear the voice of the paying customer – real, authentic, and believable. It’s immensely persuasive.

But researching and writing great case studies is time consuming and fraught with challenges. So why not let The Skills Connection handle the task of researching and writing your customer success stories for you?

We can help you to:

  • Tell a story with specific and recognizable problems that the reader can identify with.
  • Explain how you solved a problem without over simplifying, so readers will accept it and buy in to your company.
  • Provide the right level of information about challenges and lessons learnt during the project.
  • Quantify the results to build credibility in your solution.
  • Draft customer quotes with an authentic tone of voice.

We produce case studies to the highest international standards, and at very short notice. Our team has vast experience in all kinds of industries from IT hardware and security software, to data rescue, telecoms, recruitment and legal services. Put us to the test.

To find out more about our services and discuss how we can help you, contact us now.

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