If you’re cool, get recognized for it

Are you on the analyst’s radar?

Every year, hundreds of exciting companies like yours see their future transformed when they are identified by Gartner’s analysts as Cool Vendors.

Cool Vendors are defined as innovative, impactful and intriguing – either for their technologies or their business or delivery models. The reports are among Gartner’s most widely read research, so analysts compete keenly to discover the coolest innovators.

Just making the right analysts aware of what you do is a huge step forward. It gets you written about and promoted and means you’ll gain business from analyst referrals. If you’re then named as a Cool Vendor, the sky’s the limit – many go on to attract investors or end up being bought out by tech giants like Google, IBM, Intel, Facebook and Apple.

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• are you “Cool”?
• the incredible value of being “Cool”
• ensuring Gartner knows you are “Cool”

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Our Cool Vendor Tune-Up is the only structured program specifically designed to put you on the analyst’s radar, win you high-profile coverage and recommendations and maximise your chances of achieving Cool Vendor status.

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