How to Brief IT Analysts to Get Tangible Business Results

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Industry analysts influence 50-80% of all enterprise IT buying decisions, so meaningful engagement with them is critical to technology vendors of all sizes. When properly done, analyst briefings result in lead referrals and validation for your products and services. If you are not getting measurable results, or if you have not yet engaged the analysts in your sector, don’t miss out on getting real results from analyst briefings and engagement.

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Learn how you can make your next briefing one that deliver’s true business results for your company. We delve into the detail of what turns analysts on – and what turns them off, what are the common mistakes people make in analyst briefings, the role of evidence in your analyst briefing and provide you with a checklist for success.

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“The secret to briefing IT analysts: 5 common mistakes, 5 essential steps” captures the essence of what you need to know — to deliver an outstanding briefing. To receive your free copy of the white paper, please fill out the form on the right.

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”Better analyst communication = analyst recommendations = $$$”

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