Why engage with analysts, like Gartner?

If you’re new to engaging with analysts, the prospect can be daunting.  You might even be wondering if it’s worth the effort. But if your prospects are paying attention to what these firms have to say, you need make sure they are talking about you in favorable terms. As a team of former senior Gartner analysts, we have inside knowledge on engaging with the analyst community.

If you are starting out on this path, please take a look at one of the papers below. And if you have a specific question, feel free to ask Simon by sending your question to him on the right.

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2022 Analyst Engagement Survey Results

Every 2 years, The Skills Connection conduct a study looking specifically at how technology providers’ engage with analysts, and what results they get back in terms of real business impact. In this white paper we share our findings and give 5 best practices you can implements straight away.

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If you have got any questions which you think we may be able to help you with in your Analyst Engagement, feel free to message Simon, our Managing Director, former senior Gartner analyst and he will drop you an email in response.

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