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Once your MQ is published, you may be tempted to heave a deep sigh of relief and get back to your day-job. That would be a big mistake. Having invested so much time and effort in the assessment, shouldn’t you try to maximize the return on that investment? Even more importantly, your inaction will cede control of the post-MQ narrative to your competitors, potentially turning a success into a disaster.

Through this 30-minute webinar, you’ll be able to:

• Understand the serious risks and potential rewards that kick-off on Publication Day
• Identify all the stakeholders you need to communicate with
• Recognize the different collateral each stakeholder will require
• Evaluate the timescales required to prepare and deliver those materials.

As a team of former senior analysts, with over 100 years of experience at Gartner, we have written, reviewed and approved hundreds of such assessments. As advisors, in recent years, we have worked on over 100 different assessments for our clients. During that time, we have witnessed how improved assessment results have helped those businesses to achieve accelerated growth, significant new account wins and, in a half a dozen cases, acquisition.

Do join our senior analysts, Jane Doorly and Adam Daum, to find out more.



April 27, 2021
11:00 am - 11:30 am

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AR in the age of AI: how to flourish in the AI-powered future of analysts (11am ET, 4pm UK)

No, not yet another webinar on ChatGPT. Quite the reverse as all the analyst firms are already investigating how the latest innovations in AI can be applied to their business and this will inevitably impact both vendor and end-user clients. After all, absorbing information, deriving insights and producing reports is as good a definition for an analyst as an AI.

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