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In the majority of cases a desirable output from the AR programme is to identify the ranking reports (whether that’s waves, quadrants or matrix) that will generate brand awareness, demand, leads, growth and the right positioning and then placing at the top right. Ranking report placement is usually a key goal of any AR programme and an indicator of business success.

So how do you not only nail the process itself but also get a successful outcome?

This panel discussion will share their insights, recommendations and anything else that communications and AR professionals need to keep in mind when gearing up for an analyst RFI.

The panel will include:

  • Nadia Nizar, director Analyst Relations, Blue Prism
  • Claire Williamson, managing director, Resonance
  • Jonathan Edwards, Senior Analyst, The Skills Connection

Zoom links will be sent out to all attendees 24 hours prior to the event start time. If you sign up after this time, please contact kyrie.abrahams@prca.org.uk for the link.

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Analyst RFI Portals: The Gift That Keeps on Taking (11am ET, 4pm UK)

Gartner and other analyst firms are shifting the vendor data collection from spreadsheet, presentations and documents to structured Web portals. Ostensibly meant to streamline and standardize the data collection process, the result is an upheaval in your response process, the detail and perspective you can provide and ultimately the predictability of your MQ or Wave dot position.

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