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When an MQ or Wave is retired, the interest in that category does not suddenly evaporate. Clients are no less interested in understanding about the players in the market and how they compare. The key difference is that now they cannot simply refer to a document – the MQ or Wave report. Now, they need to speak with the analyst. Your task is to make sure that the analyst still conceptually positions you at least as well as before (and ideally better) to ensure you get a good pipeline of referred business.

This webinar will teach you how to engage the analysts effectively, outside of the MQ constraints, to ensure that you optimize their perception of your differentiated business, products and services and how it, and they, particularly fit the needs of the market.

  • Why MQs and Waves are retired… and, more importantly, what this means to you
  • Why it’s more difficult, but still important, to effectively engage analysts without an MQ or Wave being the central focus of the relationship
  • How to use the retirement of an MQ or Wave as an opportunity to more effectively engage and influence the analyst community

Join our senior analysts, Andrew Butler and Joel Wecksell to understand how to best exploit the retirement of an MQ or Wave to your potential advantage.

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April 21
11:00 am - 11:30 am

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