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What Gartner and other analyst firms think about you matters… much more than you can ever imagine. This is because analysts have incredible reach, touching thousands of your prospects each year. Analysts inform your buyers throughout your sales cycle, advising them on what to do, who to do it with and even how much to pay.

While busy analysts have 500 to more than 700 client conversations each year, analyst impact goes well beyond their advisory client base. Assessment reports, like MQs and Wave are the ones that are read the most. And, since vendors in ‘leader’ positions often purchase reprint rights, these reports become widely distributed. Analysts influence your buyers in other ways too – for example, other reports and presentations, press interviews, investors and social media. The result is that analyst firms impact your business in many more ways than you would expect.

With this view of analyst firm’s incredible reach and influence, an understanding of how you can use Gartner and other analyst firms to grow your sales pipeline is an imperative. This webinar will share best practices of some companies that have mastered the art of leveraging analyst firms for this purpose. And, it will help you improve your analyst engagement, focused specifically on impacting your top line.

In this webinar, you will:
1. Learn how leading firms leverage analyst engagement to grow their sales pipeline
2. Understand the best practices for developing genuine relationships with analysts for mutual benefit
3. Be able to engage analysts more effectively during inquiries, briefings and analyst advisory days
4. Learn how to effectively leverage the analyst’s ecosystem

Join our senior analysts, Andy Butler and Joel Wecksell, for our complimentary, 30-minute webinar and learn how to use Gartner and other analyst firms to grow your sales pipeline.



February 24
11:00 am - 11:30 am
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