Are you “cool” and why does it matter?

Many start-ups are both highly innovative and highly disruptive. How can you make sure massively influential analysts, like Gartner or Forrester, recognize your innovation and potential breakthrough?


Changing the analyst’s mind

Vendors often complain that analysts come to an evaluation with outcomes pre-determined and that nothing the vendor says or does will change the analyst’s mind. Find out what you CAN do.


Symposium Planning Begins Now

Learn how you can leverage Symposium to tighten your analyst relationships, maximize your learning, avoid critical mistakes, and, most importantly, capitalize on the full range of opportunities.


האם אתם ״קוּל״ ־ ולמה זה חשוב

הרבה מעד סטרטאפים ישראלים מציעים פתרונות חדשניים או שמשבשים שוק קיים.  איך תוכלו להבטיח שאנליסטים בעלי השפעה כמו גרטנר ופורסטר יכירו אתכם ואת המוצרים והשרותים שלכם?


Got a Great Healthcare Offering? Why Don’t Analyst Firms See That?

During this healthcare focused webinar you will learn how to get recognised as a healthcare innovator and major player in your market, ensure your competition aren’t the ones winning vital analyst mindshare and importantly increase analyst mentions and ‘short list’ referrals by getting on the analysts’ radar.


Five Big Shocks You May Face in Your Next Magic Quadrant or Wave

Responding to the long and complex RFI requirements of Magic Quadrants and Waves is generally a daunting prospect for any company, but with some of the “curve balls” we have seen recently it has increasingly become a worst nightmare. Being prepared is always the key and so in this webinar we will share five recent cases and what was required to beat each curve ball.


How to Keep Analysts Engaged With Your Business

This webinar will focus on how to build the story you want to communicate to the analysts, how to make the plot exciting and compelling, and how to optimise the touch points so that they are waiting for the next instalment.


Your Magic Quadrant Has Published: Now What?

In the webinar we cover the serious risks and potential rewards that kick-off on Publication Day. We identify all the stakeholders you need to communicate with and highlight the different collateral each stakeholder will require and when.


What’s our dot doing right down there?

When a Magic Quadrant is published and you find your dot below where you want it to be, what steps should you take? In this video we look at what the next steps should be and what you should focus on with your analyst engagement for future assessments.

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