2022 Analyst Engagement Survey Results

Every 2 years, The Skills Connection conduct a study looking specifically at how technology providers’ engage with analysts, and what results they get back in terms of real business impact. In this white paper we share our findings and give 5 best practices you can implements straight away.


Analyst RFI Portals: The Gift That Keeps on Taking

Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms are increasingly shifting their vendor data collection for assessments (like Magic Quadrants, MarketScapes and Waves) from spreadsheets and other documentation to structured Web portals. Ostensibly meant to streamline and standardize the data collection process, the result is a major upheaval in your response process, the detail and perspective you can provide and ultimately the predictability of your Magic Quadrant, MarketScape or Wave position. In this webinar we examine the impacts, how you get ready and the changes in analyst engagement best practices.


How some companies make analysts an effective GTM channel

Some firms get significant business via analysts (such as Gartner & Forrester), while many simply do not. Why is that? And where are you on the scale? Every 2 years, The Skills Connection conduct a study looking specifically at how technology providers’ engage with analysts, and what results they get back in terms of real business impact. In this webinar, we'll share our findings and give 5 best practices you can implements straight away.


The 10 things every company gets wrong with Gartner and others

Getting key analysts to have sufficient confidence (in your business, products and services) to recommend you to their clients is difficult. It takes concerted effort, appropriate preparation and relevant executive engagement if you are to get it right and get the right result. But the reality is most companies get it wrong and get truly disappointing results.


Are you ready for recorded video briefings and demos?

Increasingly Gartner and others are requiring recorded briefings and product demo submissions. Delivering these is a different skill than their live equivalents – are you ready for this new model? Revisit how you prepare and tell your story. Striking the right balance between content and production is essential. We will help you plan your time, define and create your content, including tools that will help do it quickly and easily.


Gartner Peer Insights – how do you compare to your competition?

Gartner Peer Insights is one of the most significant shifts to the way vendor performance is measured and assessed. With over 2.3 million product comparisons conducted on the platform in 2020, an increase of 15% over the previous year, its significance is on the rise. Gartner analysts now depend wholly on Peer Insights as a primary source of customer insight when carrying out assessments, and buyers themselves increasingly turn to Peer Insights when making informed decisions.


Gartner Peer Insights: 5 things you must do right now

Recent changes at Gartner have increased the importance of proactive Peer Insights activity for vendors; Gartner has replaced Magic Quadrant reference surveys with information sourced from Peer Insights, and Gartner has developed new document types that summarize Peer Insights reviews and perspectives for end-user customers. This is a new muscle that technology vendors and service providers must learn to exercise regularly – you ignore it at your peril.


The secrets to changing the analyst’s mind

Vendors often complain that analysts come to an evaluation with outcomes pre-determined and that nothing the vendor says or does will change the analyst’s mind. Are you really facing a Sisyphean task? We don’t think so. Find out what you CAN do.


The 5 top ways to use Gartner and other analysts to grow pipeline

What Gartner and other analyst firms think about you matters… much more than you can ever imagine. This is because analysts have incredible reach, touching thousands of your prospects each year. Analysts inform your buyers throughout your sales cycle, advising them on what to do, who to do it with and even how much to pay.


Great MQ! Now what?

There is plenty of work to be done in the wake of a positive analyst report – and most of it needs to be done quickly! Find out more in our white paper.


How can you use analysts like Gartner to drive revenue – without the need to re-mortgage your house?

2020 has been a year like no other, and 2021 will start in much the same way. Traditional marketing activities like conferences, user events and seminars have evaporated. Buyers meantime have significantly upped their use of analysts as a way of researching markets, with buyer inquiries to analysts up by as much as 50%. Analysts are talking to your prospects about their needs, outlining the market of possible solutions and sharing their opinion of who to consider. The question is how can you make this unique channel part of your go-to-market program for 2021 and what would it cost?


‘PressandAnalyst’ is not one word

In this white paper, you can find out what the analysts need from you differs from the press and learn actionable differences between an analyst engagement (AE) plan and a PR plan.


The secret of getting into a Magic Quadrant or Wave

Getting into a Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) or a Forrester Wave is a big deal for many companies, the actions that vendors need to take differ depending on the circumstance. If you are a new vendor trying to be recognized in a market, if you are established in one market and trying to expand into others, or if the inclusion criteria for your MQ or Wave seem to change regularly, there are proactive steps you can take to ensure that your company and products are represented in the best possible light.


Do the analysts really still call the shots?

In these days of online peer reviews and social media, increasingly enterprise IT review sites like TrustRadius & G2 are changing how buyers research vendors. So, do the analysts still influence where the money goes?


What should you do if your Magic Quadrant or Wave is retired?

When an MQ or Wave is retired, the interest in that category does not suddenly evaporate. Clients are no less interested in understanding about the players in the market and how they compare. The key difference is that now they cannot simply refer to a document – the MQ or Wave report. Now, they need to speak with the analyst. Your task is to make sure that the analyst still conceptually positions you at least as well as before (and ideally better) to ensure you get a good pipeline of referred business.


Are you “cool” and why does it matter?

Many start-ups are both highly innovative and highly disruptive. How can you make sure massively influential analysts, like Gartner or Forrester, recognize your innovation and potential breakthrough?


Symposium Planning Begins Now

Learn how you can leverage Symposium to tighten your analyst relationships, maximize your learning, avoid critical mistakes, and, most importantly, capitalize on the full range of opportunities.


האם אתם ״קוּל״ ־ ולמה זה חשוב

הרבה מעד סטרטאפים ישראלים מציעים פתרונות חדשניים או שמשבשים שוק קיים.  איך תוכלו להבטיח שאנליסטים בעלי השפעה כמו גרטנר ופורסטר יכירו אתכם ואת המוצרים והשרותים שלכם?


Five Big Shocks You May Face in Your Next Magic Quadrant or Wave

Responding to the long and complex RFI requirements of Magic Quadrants and Waves is generally a daunting prospect for any company, but with some of the “curve balls” we have seen recently it has increasingly become a worst nightmare. Being prepared is always the key and so in this webinar we will share five recent cases and what was required to beat each curve ball.


How to Keep Analysts Engaged With Your Business

This webinar will focus on how to build the story you want to communicate to the analysts, how to make the plot exciting and compelling, and how to optimise the touch points so that they are waiting for the next instalment.