Can you get a great Magic Quadrant position if you are not a Gartner client?

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Even if you’re not a Gartner client, you have an opportunity to be placed on the Magic Quadrant. This video delivers tips on what your focus should be for engaging in a Magic Quadrant assessment.

What are the elements of a best practice advocates and references program?

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Do you have a references and advocacy program in place? This video explains the fundamental elements you need to be able to run a program.

Why isn’t my PR campaign working with the analysts?

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Your PR campaign may not be the best approach for an analyst. Find out why your strategy for PR and AR need to differ in this short video.

We talk regularly to the analysts – why don’t we get results?

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If you find you’re not getting the results you expect from your analyst engagement, this video will explain how to make a positive change to your strategy.

When should you start preparing for an analyst assessment?

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Most people wait until the invitation arrives, but in reality that may already be too late. When should you start preparing and what do you need to do?

What is the best practice process for engaging in an MQ?

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If you’re participating in a Magic Quadrant or Wave assessment for the first time, where should you start? What’s expected and how should you be preparing?

How are AR and analyst engagement different?

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Analyst Engagement is not the same as Analyst Relations. In this video we explain why Analyst Engagement is so critical and outline some of the key steps to success.

Where should we start with analyst engagement?

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Engaging the analysts for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Where should you start and how do you get it right? The Skills Connection offers practical insights to help you succeed.