What does it mean to be a Cool Vendor?

If you are Cool, do the analysts know it?

Every year, hundreds of up-and-coming IT vendors see their future transformed when they are identified by Gartner’s analysts as Cool Vendors. This represents a game-changing opportunity for them to enjoy better recognition, endorsement of capabilities and, most importantly of all, a fast track to being considered a viable vendor to consider by potential buyers and future round investors.

Cool Vendors are defined by the “3is”: Innovative, Impactful and Intriguing and their technologies or their business or delivery models represent a vision of the future. Gartner’s Cool Vendor reports are among the most widely read research, so analysts compete keenly to discover the next cool innovator.

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You can catch-up on our recent webinar “Are you “cool” and why does it matter?” here.

In this 20 minute webinar, we cover:
• are you “Cool”?
• the incredible value of being “Cool”
• ensuring Gartner knows you are “Cool”

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Cool Vendor Tune-Up

Our Cool Vendor Tune-Up is the only structured programme specifically designed to put you on the analyst’s radar, win you high-profile coverage and recommendations and maximise your chances of achieving Cool Vendor status. To get referral business, coverage, maybe even endorsement as a Cool Vendor, you need to let the right analyst know you’re there.

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