Starting out with analyst engagement

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If you’re new to analyst engagement, the prospect can be daunting.  You might even be wondering if it’s worth the effort. But if your prospects are paying attention to what these firms have to say, you need make sure they are talking about you in favorable terms. As a team of former senior Gartner analysts, we have inside knowledge on engaging with the analyst community. We’ve provided a number of high-value resources to help you get started and keep you on track.

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What is the best practice process for engaging in an MQ?

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If you’re participating in a Magic Quadrant or Wave assessment for the first time, where should you start? What’s expected and how should you be preparing?

Lifting the Lid on the Black Box

“The genius of our product is inside this Black Box.” Innovative ideas are precious and rare. For many firms, there [...]

What are the elements of a best practice advocates and references program?

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Do you have a references and advocacy program in place? This video explains the fundamental elements you need to be able to run a program.

Analyst Relations (AR) as a service: Taking your AR to the next level

To find out more about taking your Analyst relations to the next level, watch this video. Simon Levin, Joel Wecksell and Rahul Basarkar explain the benefits of Analyst Relations as a service (ARaaS).

The Four Ps Are for Analysts Too

There’s one sad story I hear pretty much every week. It goes like this: “We meet the analysts regularly at [...]
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