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Analyst Relations (AR) as a service: Taking your AR to the next level

To find out more about taking your Analyst relations to the next level, watch this video. Simon Levin, Joel Wecksell and Rahul Basarkar explain the benefits of Analyst Relations as a service (ARaaS).

What’s our dot doing right down there?


When a Magic Quadrant is published and you find your dot below where you want it to be, what steps should you take? In this video we look at what the next steps should be and what you should focus on with your analyst engagement for future assessments.

Can you get a great Magic Quadrant position if you are not a Gartner client?

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Even if you’re not a Gartner client, you have an opportunity to be placed on the Magic Quadrant. This video delivers tips on what your focus should be for engaging in a Magic Quadrant assessment.

Will crowdsourced peer reviews replace references with analysts?

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With many different crowdsourced peer reviews available, does that change what and how we should look at our references? Watch this video to understand more about crowdsourced reviews and their relationship to analysts' assessment of companies.

How to get to be a Leader in a Magic Quadrant or Wave?

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Are you already positioned on a Magic Quadrant, but wish to be in the leader quadrant? In this video, we share some insights on how to improve your position.

We talk regularly to the analysts – why don’t we get results?

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If you find you’re not getting the results you expect from your analyst engagement, this video will explain how to make a positive change to your strategy.

How could my critical capabilities assessment have come out so wrong?

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In this short video, we explain how the critical capabilities assessment differs significantly from a Magic Quadrant assessment.

Is there any point in being in a Magic Quadrant if you are not a Leader?

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If your position on the Magic Quadrant isn’t where you want it to be, there are other factors to consider. In this video we discuss other aspects of the write up that you should pay attention to.

If I drink poison will the analyst die?

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Disengaging from the analysts might seem like a good course of action if you’re disappointed, but there is a better strategy for success.

Getting Great Reference Results for Your Magic Quadrant Submission

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In this webinar we review the common issues experienced with getting the right results from references for assessments such as Magic Quadrants and Waves.