If you’re participating in the Data Quality Tools (DQ) Magic Quadrant for the first time, where should you start?

Increase revenue, improve your sales pipeline, get noticed in the Gartner DQ Magic Quadrant

If you can answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Are your competitors getting better results — even when their product is inferior?
  • Are you struggling to ‘move your dot’ in the MQ?
  • Do your references seem to say something different when they talk to you and the analysts?
  • Did you not manage to get included?

We can help you, this is what we specialize in

We are a team of former senior Gartner analysts who’ve written and reviewed hundreds of Magic Quadrants such as the Data Quality Tools MQ. We have an in-depth understanding of the factors for Magic Quadrant success and are uniquely placed to give tangible advice that will add value when responding to the DQ Magic Quadrant.

Looking to get into this MQ
Looking to improve your position
Our clients tell us that we really help them in this area.

“The team at The Skills Connection is first-class. They are easy to work with, have an incredible knowledge of the industry, are quick to react, and really want to make an impact for your company. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Although challenging and frustrating we can come up with a number of workable solutions to improve your Magic Quadrant position

How we help

  • Use our extensive experience as former Gartner analysts to make sure your Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant responses are the best they can possibly be to ensure success. See: Move the dot in the right direction.
  • Deliver the best possible submission, by delivering a best-practice-driven survey response, a best ever briefing by delivering a differentiated essential story, backed up by evidence, great references and, as appropriate, a memorable focused demo.


  • Make sure your references actually improve the result.
  • Get the analyst to see your company/product/service as it is today and not as it was in the past. More: How to improve analyst engagement.
  • Clarify and articulate your company’s vision in a way that aligns to the way in which vision is measured by Gartner.
  • Get your company into the Magic Quadrant for the first time.


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Companies listed in the Data Quality Tools Magic Quadrant include: FinScore, Global Data Excellence, Redpoint Global, Datanomic, Irion, Ciant, Infoshare, Infosolve Technologies, Clavis technology, LexisNexis, ISO – Gruppe, MIOsoft, K2, BDNA, DQ Global, Eprentise, Trillium Software, Uniserv, Match2lists, 3C Solutions, SAP, TIQ Solutions, Runner Technologies, BackOffice Associates, ActivePrime, Acuate, GBGroup, Melissa Data, SAS, Posidex, infogix, HumanFactorLabs, DataLever, Deyde Informatica, DataFlux (now an SAS company), Experian QAS, Neopost, Innovative Systems, Omikron Data quality, X88 Software, Coheris SPAD software, DataTrim, Anchor Software, DataMentors, Ataccame, Alteryx, SQL Power, Satori Software, Data8, Talend, Tolerant Solutions, Service Objects, Qfire Software, Ixsight, Pitney Bowes, informatica, Utopia, Hopewiser, helpIT Systems, Veda Advantage, WinPure, BCC Software, Business Data Quality, Certica Solutions, Kroll Ontrack, Intelligent Search Technology, InQuera, Datactics, InfoBuilders/iWay Software, Sigma Data Services, Scarus, DataQualityApps, Datris, ACS Informatik, Acme Data, IBM, Oracle

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Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools