Elite analyst training

Recruit good analysts – then make them great

Whenever you recruit new analysts, you know they will need specific training in your firm’s methodologies — regardless of the individual’s background. But delivering that training on-the-job is time consuming and inefficient.

The best training for the research and advisory business recognizes the realities and draws on insider experience. That’s why The Skills Connection’s first-hand knowledge of the analyst/client engagement process is so important.

We’ve delivered highly successful training programs for three of the top five advisory research companies, one of the world largest information services providers and a multitude of smaller specialist research providers around the world.

Unlike training companies outside of the industry, we know the less obvious challenges you need to address.

Bespoke training, tailored to you

• We help keep analysts’ research writing plans on track, so they don’t miss targets.
• We show them how to make their research sharper, more focused and more readable.
• We coach them on saving time by improving their behaviors and upping their writing productivity.

Our Elite Analyst Training programs are developed in close consultation with your own team, focusing on the results you want to achieve. We work with your specialized content and core processes, building on your company culture and best practices, and adding our own unique insider know-how.

With our help you can drive up the content and editorial quality of research deliverables, so client perceptions and renewal rates move steadily upwards.

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96% of delegates said they would recommend our training to others.
97% rated the workshop quality ‘very high’.

Sales development

Help sales teams and analysts win business

Because of our insider perspective on research generation, we understand the unique requirements for selling research and advisory services. Whatever anyone says, this industry is different – and we can identify where small changes to processes, incentives or behaviors can have a big impact on your results.

Our business development workshops for sales teams, senior managers and analysts bring focus and clarity, backed up by first-hand experience. We can help you to develop more robust sales processes, new product packages and combinations, and persuasive new messaging for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Even more importantly, we can show you how to use the expertise and charisma of your analysts right alongside your sales staff, to maximize the chance of a successful close.

Revolutionize your approach

Team selling workshops are a new phenomenon. But the difference they can make – in just a matter of days or weeks – guarantees that they are here to stay.

Sales people and analysts need to know how their roles fit together, how the analyst can bait the hook without giving too much away, what prospects are expecting, and what behaviors support the selling process — without compromising the analyst’s authenticity. It’s not easy to get the balance right, but when you do, the coordinated approach is immensely powerful.

Analysts who can show that they understand the challenges their clients have and who can add value as trusted advisers, bring a persuasive extra element to any sales discussion. A well coached analyst/sales combination can create opportunities, drive up win rates and order values, and shorten the sales cycle, repaying your training investment time and again.

To find out more about our specialized sales programs and how they can positively impact your business development efforts, contact us now.

‘Great course and very interactive’
‘Good to have a trainer from an actual analyst firm’
‘Very valuable and necessary session for us to be able to scale the business’