Advocate and reference services

At their 2015 annual forum Gartner shared their view that “building an effective customer reference cultivation program” is vital for analyst engagement success. Analysts are looking for structured survey feedback and interviews with a select group of references accounts that you identify. At the same time they are looking to see what people are saying about you on crowd-sourced rating sites (e.g. the Gartner Peer Insights, G2Crowd, IT Central Station) as well as feedback posted to professional social media sites (e.g. LinkedIn, Spiceworks).

A strong references and advocates program is the single most effective campaign you can have to create confidence in your company, products and services. But for many companies this is their greatest challenge and the element that most lets them down in formal assessments and overall analyst engagement. References are generally a last minute scramble for names and advocates are not even on the radar. Those reference accounts that are known get overused and become frustrated.

To be successful requires a focused and committed program that concentrates on the full lifecycle of a reference account from identification to review and which separates reference nurturing from sales account management. Our analyst reference management program is built on our experience of working with over 60 companies on their reference efficacy.

Comprehensive support

Through our proven analyst reference program, we can help you to:

  • Build a structured advocate and reference program
  • Identify accounts suitable as analyst references and advocates
  • Validate your references through survey and interview
  • Nurture your reference accounts to ensure continued engagement
  • Educate and prepare your references to engage effectively
  • Review and refine your program based on reference feedback

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You can also visit our Developing great references and advocates resource page to learn about some of the keys to success in analyst engagement.

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